Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday report

Too tired to write tonite. The heat and humidity today was just unbearable. I stayed back to work here while others went to Pearlington. The Orange Grove tents here in Gulfport lost a few doors and the big dorm tents were damaged.

I hear the Pearlington camp will be OK. Needs a little work but manageable. We go to Houma tomorrow to see. We hear there's nothing left of the tents. They all blew away. Houma got hit the hardest. The Elks Lodge building is still there but the tents are gone. My camp in New Orleans and the Luling camp are fine. Maybe interesting words tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Jane, my prayer today for you and your crew is that you will have the strength you need to keep on helping. As tired and hot as you must be, please remember to take good care of yourself. You mean a lot to a lot of people.
Thank you for being in the thick of it, but take some time when you need it. Virginia