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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

pictures --words later

Some words as of 11 am...We found out that Jan's stuff in her car is OK. She hasn't had a chance to go see it yet but she hears that's it's all safe. ..Linda Freeman called to say her house is OK...slowly, slowly I'm getting word that folks are OK...still no eyes on the Houma camp....working right now to clean and waterproof this camp in Gulfport, getting it ready if we have to evacuate again. We're getting very good at something we hope we never have to do again.

Jan Rabe and Jane

Here's a video of the church parking lot in Meridian.....You will see Kevin Henry then his mother and his wife...then off to the side in the blue PDA shirt is Mary Wityshyn, Wilf's wife. They were talking about what Kevin was cooking for us that night. The recipe he's talking about is called Sauce Picon and it's made out of deer meat. The video then pans to show about half of the trailers he hauled to Meridian. The noise from the generators is really loud.

4pm report. I've seen pictures of Pearlington and things aren't too bad. The just plain old cool news is that the tents Jan and Mary spent so much time and effort to bolt,, screw, rivet and caulk together remained connected to their base made of wood. This means that when the water rose the tents just floated away to the woods....JUST LIKE A BOAT. I hear they're not too worried about picking them up with a bull dozer and driving them back home. I just think it's totally cool that they were so well connected because I've seen Jan and Mary work on them in both summer's heat and winter's cold. I know how hard they worked on them and how satisfying it must be that they stayed put together. It's still going to be a whole lot of work to get things back to normal. The kitchen took water and ruined the floor which is sad because they had just finished replacing it.

8pm report...I just now realized this is Wednesday. I might have stuff to say every day for a while. Lots happening and I know many will be interested in what's going on here.

We had an awesome evening. Yesterday was Kevin's neice's birthday. Angel was five yesterday. With the un-evacuation and hub-bub, we postponed the celebration to today. Kevin fried up the best shrimp I've ever eaten. When I asked him where he got it he said he caught it. Small boat and he said sometimes he can get 300 pounds in a good day. The whole Henry family came for dinner that ended with birthday cake and candles.

Short, small staff meeting afterwards...decided that most will go to Pearlington tomorrow to pull the pods out of the woods. I'm staying to finish getting Orange Grove finished. The goal right now is to get the camps ready for the huge influx of volunteers I knew would call PDA and say they're coming. I hate to miss out on helping at Pearlington but I know they need the stronger backs.

They've also figured they can house volunteers at other camps to work at the camps missing tents. Pearlington volunteers can stay here (or even New Orleans). Volunteers working in Houma can stay at the Luling camp. The push will be to replace the tents blown away or ruined. All the other buildings seem to be useable.

Now we wait for Ike. We spent most of the day getting ready for the next evacuation which should be easier now that we know the drill.

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