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Friday, September 05, 2008

Getting ready to see Houma

Saturday morning we'll all go to the Houma camp to help Kevin and his family. Not sure exactly what kind of help we'll be. They told us to bring mud boots and bug spray.

I got word today that really made me sad. Remember how excited I was the day I saw Hattie's Corny Dog stand open in Pearlington? It was exciting because it was the first commercial enterprise in Pearlington since the storm. The idea of having hambrgers and french fries sold within walking distance of the camp was only a small part of it. I was just so excited to see a place where people could spend money in their own town. Well, I heard that Hattie and DW lost their house to the flood of water that the storm surged into the town. DW is a fireman and they're staying at the fire station for now. That's the first person in Pearlington I've heard with bad news. But it can't be good for Quin Quinnette. Or the Fergusons. Both of them live on the side of town next to the water. Most of the houses in that neighborhood are built on stilts. But Quin and the Fergusons live on a concrete slab and undoubtably took in about four feet of water. The Fergusons, rememmber, is Chloe's family. I hate to think of them going through this again. They only finished their houses in the spring this year.

Lots of questions for God.

Time for bed.

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