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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Are You Running With Me, Jesus?

I tried to have a cold this week but it just didn’t work out. Oh, the cold worked out just fine. It did exactly what colds are supposed to do. I felt horrible. I had a scratchy throat that made it hurt to talk. I ached all over. It was the “having” it part that didn’t work out. I tried to give in to it and take a couple of naps but both were interrupted. I simply don’t have time to have a cold so I gave up and ignored it. Except for an inconvenient cough I’m sailing right along.

Not having time to be sick reminded me of Malcolm Boyd’s book, “Are You Running With Me, Jesus?” It’s a book of prayers written in the 60’s by an Episcopal priest. I tried to look it up just now on the internet but the prayer didn’t pop up immediately. It may be behind all the references to the author and places to buy the book. So, instead of quoting the prayer today, maybe I should tell you to just go buy the book.

The prayer, when you’re able to read it, speaks of a busy life of someone doing just what I’m doing here. I hit the ground running every morning and hope that Jesus is at my side. Sometimes I feel like I’m moving so fast that I’m not sure Jesus is able to keep up with me. Silly idea, I know. Maybe the better prayer is “Help me catch up with you, Jesus”

I know a lady who sings the Doxology every morning when she first wakes up. She’s married to a Methodist minister and says if her husband is still in bed she sings very softly so she doesn’t wake him, but she actually sings as her first waking act of the day.

And I read something a few years ago about what some Native Americans just before they go to sleep at night. They say “Amen.”

I like these ideas. I like to think of my entire day as one big act of worship. I’m in the market for a pillowcase with “amen” written on it. I can’t believe no one has thought of this before. I may have to have someone make me one. The act of placing your head on the pillow at the end of the day signals the day’s amen. At least, for me it does.

As I expected would happen when I came here to work on the Katrina recovery, I pray a lot more now. And the quick mini-prayers burst forth so often that it’s like one big, jumbled and constant prayer. It's much like Paul instructed when he told us to pray constantly.

I could say more and correct my typos or syntax errors but It’s 6am and I’ve got to get going. I have an 8am meeting to plan work for the teams coming in next week. I hope Jesus is my running partner today. And I hope I’m doing it the way He wants.



ngrrplz said...

I remember you Jane, you were there when we came to Pearlington last March. My church is from San Francisco, Ca. Lakeside Presbyterian. You worked on a house with us, the red ranch style home. We are going again this march 24th for another nine days.

I stay in touch with Dallas via email. She said she doesn't work at the Presbyterian disaster relief center anymore. We have sixteen people going with us this time, and I look forward to the work week there again.

I pray all is well with you in Texas.

Sherman Van Lieu headed again for Pearlington.

P.S. That's not my picture, but my sons.

Anonymous said...

I think I still have his book which I bought new in 1966 when it was published, but it is in storage, which, after 4 years, is starting to tick me off! Anyway, your 'bookish' friend found the text for all those too young to experience the 1960's or who don't remember it.

Grace and peace to you, Friend, because I KNOW Jesus is running with you. You wouldn't be doing the good work you are if Jesus wasn't.


It's morning, Jesus. It's morning, and here's that light and sound all over again.

I've got to move fast . . . get into the bathroom, wash up, grab a bite to eat, and run some more.

I just don't feel like it. What I really want to do is get back into bed, pull up the covers, and sleep. All I seem to want today is the big sleep, and here I've got to run all over again.

Where am I running? You know these things I can't understand. It's not that I need to have you tell me. What counts most is just that somebody knows, and it's you. That helps a lot.

So I'll follow along, OK? But lead, please. Now I've got to run. Are you running with me, Jesus?

-- Malcolm Boyd

Sherman Van Lieu said...

Looks like another trip to Peralington, Ms. for the Presbyterians from Lakeside Presby. church of San Francisco. We are looking to go in January this time when the weathers cooler. PDA had contacted our Pastor Kim, and we should know by October if we are going in January.

I pray all is well with you, and maybe we'll see you there.

God bless, and I always remember.."Don't mess with Tex-ess"

Anonymous said...

Well we wrapped up our third trip to Pearlington on Jan 19th. We worked on four homes, two close to the PDA camp, and two around one mile from camp.

I had a great time until the fifth day when I got a hit with the flu bug. It didn't help that Pearlington set all time low temperature records where it got down into the twenties at night.

It's not much fun running to the porta potties in the middle of the night when it's twenty six degrees out, and your running a fever.

I wasted five days being sick with the flu. Needless to say my time was not as fruitful as I has wished it would have been.

I was still able to eat, and got my fill of soft shell crab, crawfish, and we had a Gumbo, blue shell crab, and oyster feast at my coozans friends home in Picayune, Ms. They treated thirteen of us to some great eats, and allowed us to rest. They showed us true Mississippi hospitality.

God bless the people of Mississippi, especially those folks in Pearlington, and Barbara and her family in Picayune, Ms.