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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Homeless again

We're planning to evacuate again this Wednesday but now we're more experienced and it won't be as hurried or frightening. For now, we're packing and moving things around and I really need to go do that. But I promised Sarah and Essie videos which I will download here and write explanations later. One picture's worth a thousand words, I guess.

I have been helping inventory the empty trailers and part of getting them ready is cleaning them. I think in the last couple of days I've defrosted about four refrigerators. I feel like the defrost queen. However, I'm kind of enjoying it. There's something kind of creative about watching ice melt. Don't understand it myself, either.

I've moved to a new trailer again. The AC finally wore out in the one I've slept in for the last 2 or 3 nights. The only setting that works is high and I freeze to death at that setting. Any lower than high and the coils freeze over and the durned thing stops cooling at all. I have to shut it of and let the coils thaw out...more defrosting fun. My HVAC guru/husband says it sounds like it's low on freon but I can't find a sticker that tells me which kind it uses. One type of freon would be easy to replace but the other can only be purchased and recharged by a professional.

But, with the evacuations and moving and sorting out what to evacuate next, I'm just plain sick of moving stuff around. I can't remember what, if anything, I left in New Orleans. I didn't bring that many clothes since I thought I'd be here for a couple of weeks and maybe go home before I got a camp assigned to me. I purposely didn't bring a lot because it seemed like I had too many clothes the last time. But not this time.

Anyway, here's video for the grands. I want to show you what we did Saturday and I hope to post that tomorrow.

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Sharla Fowler said...

Jane - Thanks for posting frequently. I just can't imagine the work that you are doing right now. Take care and safe travels as you evacuate once again. Prayers to you, the other PDA staff, and residents.