Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheese class

If you're looking for this week's blog, scroll down.  But I had something exciting to share and thought this would be the best way to get the word out.

Is anybody interesting in taking a cheese class? 

Every fall I have a gathering of friends to come spend some time outdoors, eating and solving a few world problems. I usually cook my fool head off and we eat ourselves into oblivion.

Lately,  I've become interested in getting back to the basics of life.  I've made my own butter and bread as well as some killer sauces (Hollandaise, mayonnaise, for instance)  I've tried mozarella cheese with mixed results and kept thinking I was missing something, some tiny little instruction in the recipe that I didn't see.  Then I found out there is an expert at mozarella cheese right here in my neck of the woods so I called to see if she would give me a lesson. 

The next thing I knew Nancy Falster and I had set up a Mozarella class for Saturday, September 22 from 2 to 3:30.  It will be a small class here at my house.  I'll need a minimum of 6 women to make the class.   And it will cost $30 apiece for the class.

So I decided to combine this class with my fall gathering.  You will get the benefits of both in one day:  I will offer my usual snacks, with emphasis on simple things that we can make ourselves.  We'll have lunch  and dessert, followed by a good campfire sit if weather permits.  Then Nancy Falster will come at 2 o'clock to show us how to make both Mozarella and Ricotta cheese.  The class will be limited to ten people so that it can be "hands on" with plenty of time for questions and conversation.  

I think she will also bring some honey and eggs from her own farm for sale. If this sounds like a Tuperware party to you, just remember how much fun Tuperware parties were, send me $30 and rest assurred that you're not going to get hit up to buy eggs or honey. It really and truly is just as simple as a class.  Nothing more and nothing less.

If you don't want to pay money just to visit me , that's OK.  Come early, come late or sit by the campfire while Nancy is teaching us how to make cheese. You can still be part of the lunch and conversation. You will get to meet our new hens and Romeo the rooster, if he's still alive. I sometimes call him Sunday Dinner if he makes me mad.

But I need to know as soon as possible.. Send me an email ( or message me on facebook. But, for sure, let me know asap.  We'll cut off registration at ten people or September 15, whichever comes first.

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