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Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A Trip 50 Years in the Making

Leaving: Tuesday August 6, 2019
When we married in November of 1969 we went to Mexico City on our honeymoon.  And we’ve been traveling ever since. We took our kids camping in tents then a pop-up trailer. Then a cruise. And when everybody got older a couple of years ago the ETC (Els Thomas Carrell) clan went to Europe together. 

And while it’s great to take your teenaged granddaughter to Europe it wasn’t the experience two seasoned travelers want, either.  As we sat there in a McDonald’s in Paris I looked at Beaven and said the next time let’s just you and me go.  I’m ready to just travel alone.

So now we’re back to a honeymoon. And this time we have the benefit of 50 years worth of experience in knowing each other like the back of our hand (and still thinking that person is wonderful) of knowing that we travel well together, pack in synch, of finding wonder in new things and appreciation in the beauty of the classics.

I know what buttons we will push. He will walk ahead of me in a crowd. I will linger when we’re on a tight schedule.

We are traveling to five cities in 14 days taking one single carry-on each.  I am the queen of packing light. I also don’t mind wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks. We have plans for 3 museums in Amsterdam alone and a couple of tours in Paris that some may not know about but I’ve always wanted anted to see--like the Sewer tour. Who needs the Eiffel Tower when you can visit an abandoned sewer?  My Waffle Workshop in Belgium got cancelled but that won’t keep us from eating them nonstop and, possibly most important-- the real bucket list item, the main reason to go:  I want to visit the D Day Beaches. I’ve long held the opinion that any Baby Boomer worth their salt needed to go to that place and stand there and say "Thank You."

We’ve spent a year planning this trip. Come along as I add photos to this scrapbook of a blog

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