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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fernie Comes to Visit

I am trying to work on a blog but I'm doing about three other things and getting very distracted.  Our   dog went to Emily camp over the weekend and he needs a lot of attention today.  I just got home from planning a retreat so haven't had time to work on it this morning--other than deciding on the topic which is fairly serious.  So you can imagine it's a little hard to settle in.

Plus, Fernie is here.  She is Fannie Flamingo's sister and when Fernie comes for the state fair Fannie always drops whatever she is doing to spend time with her.  Then they take over my kitchen and cook.  The thing about Fernie is that she travels the state fair circuit all over the USA making funnel cakes.  She is quite famous for her funnel cakes so it is always an honor to host her.

The sisters are very close and Fernie is about the only thing that can tear Fannie away from whatever passion she is currently following.  This year, however, Fannie showed up early saying she has had enough of Congress and walked out of their meetings.  She had thought that her friendly nature might be enough to help them work together.  It usually does.  But this time she has washed her hands of the whole bunch of them. She told us it was going to be a real treat to get away from them and spend some quality time with her sister. And their favorite thing to do when they get together  is cook.

But the only food Fernie knows how to cook is fried. Besides funnel cakes, she will rustle up some corny dogs and fries.  Then she gets in the zone and fries everything in my kitchen and beyond, including a few things that aren't even edible.  She once grabbed a handful of acorns and threw them in the fryer.  She claimed they were delicious but when I refused to eat them she left them outside for the squirrels.

You can imagine what my kitchen looks like.  There is dried and caked batter all over the stove with oil splattered everywhere with a coating of powdered sugar on top of it all. Fernie always tops everything with a good dusting of powdered sugar.  She says this is the way they taught her when she learned to cook in New Orleans at Cafe du Monde.

Give me an excused absence for a day and I'll try to get something posted by Wednesday evening.

Gotta go.  She's looking at the cat funny.

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