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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Excused Absence

OK, I’m late this week. I have this one idea I’ve been chewing on that I really wanted to tell you about but life got in the way. We started having fun and just couldn’t stop ourselves.

Our whole family went to the State Fair and had just the most wonderful time, which if you’ve read past blogs, is saying a lot. We love going to the Fair. This year the girls were old enough for Beaven to take them to the corner fence where he used to sneak in when he was their age. Dallasites might be surprised to know that Beaven grew up in the area around the State Fair because it’s just not the best neighborhood in town nowadays. When he was in elementary school his parents moved away from the neighborhood but the family bakery stayed put and Beaven spent his weekends at the bakery. Many times he could just walk to the Fair on Saturdays. So, our Monday was just a great trip down Memory Lane as well as having fun in the present.

Then school was out Tuesday for the teachers to have an in-service day so the girls came out here. We went next door to visit the animals. Sadly, I have to report that the guard dog they got to guard the goats kind of ate the duck. Such is life on the farm, I guess.

Today was my annual physical—the boring kind as opposed to the cancer stuff. The cancer appointments have wound down to six month schedule, hopefully to just fade away eventually. So I figured I could whip out a blog after a quick trip to the doc. But that turned out to be more complicated.

As always, they told me to take all my clothes off then handed me a paper napkin to cover with and turned the thermostat down to about 60 degrees and left for a couple of hours to deliver a baby or something.

No sooner did I get out of there than my daughter called to ask if I could run Sarah to the doctor. She had a fever and headache. So this time they sat my granddaughter with a fever and chills in the 60-degree room and left for a couple more hours. At least she got to keep her clothes on and it turned out to be a sinus infection instead of a raging flu epidemic caught at the Fair.

So you’re not getting much to read today. You can go back to the previous posts on the State Fair. If I can get this other topic to hop around on the keyboard I’ll post a note on facebook. In a couple of weeks I’ll be in Guatemala and that is sure to turn up some stories. I really should be a travel writer.

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