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Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 4th Food

Our family is the kind that starts planning for a holiday meal about a month ahead.  You might think we suffered from lack of food in our past, like maybe somebody had been in a concentration camp, but I'm afraid not. We just love to eat.  Given a touch of OCD in our genetic makeup, we just look forward to Festive Food and plan way far ahead. Food is the centerpiece of our family gatherings. Some families eat a few bites of turkey and go outside to play touch football.  Please. We don't even watch sports on TV. 

I sent out a general alert to our daughters yesterday because I won't be in Dallas in time to get the hotdogs.  And that is the reason for this bonus post:  I've got the info on the best hot dogs you'll ever eat on my food blog this week. I plan to make a red, white and blue cake:  tres leches with strawberries and blueberries. We'll roast some corn. Buy a watermelon and some canteloupe. 

Normally, we all meet here at my house and blow up a bunch of fireworks.  We don't usually have a lot of pesky restrictions about fireworks out here in the boondocks.  Our favorite fireworks stand usually sets up on the parking lot at Joe Bob's gas station.  However, we've had so little rain that we're under a burn ban. Every single county in Texas is under a burn ban.  I think somebody said they've declared the entire state of Texas a disaster zone.  I could make a snarky political jab right here but I know you didn't come here for that.  Anyway, we won't get to blow anything up at our house.  We did get a trampoline so you might say we'll be launching children into the air.

Eat Red, White and Blue this holiday, my friends.  Thank God for Washington, Jefferson, Adams and all our founding fathers. Find some John Phillip Sousa on your iPod.  Jaywalk somewhere.  Celebrate your freedom. Celebrate the fact that I could say snarky things about our government and get away with it.

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