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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Grandmother Power

You're getting a bonus post today. I wrote and posted the latest chapter of the Fabulous Adventures of Fannie Flamingo yesterday. But this morning, with the benefit of a second cup of coffee I have another thought to share. For Fannie's adventures keep reading to yesterday's post.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning house. Well, not what you might call cleaning. More like organizing. Putting on my "file clerk" hat. I ended up with a foot-high stack of half-read magazines. So this morning I attacked the stack and found the May issue of Time magazine.

They were talking about new innovations and there was a two-paragraph section on one guy who is working in Africa. He said they spent a lot of time educating the young men of the small isolated villages. They found out that the minute a young man got his certificate of competency in whatever skill he learned he would move to the city, taking his education with him. So they started educating the grandmothers. They turned them into Solar Engineers, teaching them about solar power. Out of 140 grandmothers they powered 10,000 homes with solar energy. And none of them left their villages.

Need I say more? It doesn't take more than about three sentences to explain that. The biggest no-brainer in 12 inches worth of half-read magazines.

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