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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Try Again

First day of Grand Camp and there's no kid food in the house so I need to run into town for white bread and assorted frozen things seriously lacking in nutritional value. But I've just come from a vet visit first thing in the day and besides a rip-roaring flea problem (and two dogs who are "allergic" to fleas) I also find I have a cat with Feline Cytotauxzoonosis, which is usually fatal. Failing a miracle, Murphy is probably on a one-way ticket to the big litterbox in the sky. Beaven and I spent Monday and Tuesday in Garland with the church youth on service projects. I'm sore, sleep-deprived and covered up in cat, dog and children problems. Oh, and my computer crashed so I'm writing from Beaven's.

In short, no blog today. Check in next week and I'll tell you my fixation with furniture that squeaks and/or my thoughts on singing "Here I am Lord" three times in one day.

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