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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Everything out here in Katrina Country is normal. Normal meaning Situation All Fouled Up. It wouldn't be a normal day if we didn't have at least one horrible problem. But we've gotten used to such a variety of horrible problems that they are all starting to look normal. Our heat is usually the most feared problem. I know what to do in Pearlington for heating problems because they have about five boxes of extra blankets. This camp doesn't have any. Or, if they do, we haven't found them yet. I can't complain, and I'm NOT complaining about the heaters...because we have a genuine heaters expert here in camp this week and I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth. The first night the heaters didn't work he figured out the problem but not until the next morning after a cold night. Thankfully, most were good sports about it. The second night there was a totally different and unrelated problem with the heaters--and again we were able to fix it but not until the next morning. Again there was only one grumbly camper. Tonight I return from our third problem that was (Thank you, Jesus) fixed before bedtime with only an extension cord.

I cannot tell you how glad I will be to have Beaven arrive tomorrow afternoon. We've uncovered about three problems that I know for a fact he can fix. And there's another 17 other problems that I suspect he will at least know something about fixing it.

And that's not counting all the problems that we fixed already today. When I moved to this camp they gave me a trailer that has sat unused for a few months. So I had a few days worth of problems. No heat for a couple of nights until I got the propane tanks filled. No refrigerator until we found the magic switch. The porta potties guy emptied my holding tank yesterday. So just in my own life I've had a string of problems to solve. Problems have become the norm.

We spent a lot of the day figuring out how to order food using the Sam's on-line system. We had to do this when the credit card got maxed out because they spent it on buying lumber for a new sidewalk.

In other words, dear readers, it's always something. That's normal for me now.

It's late and I don't have much wit or wisdom for you. Life is good, however. I'm adjusting to constantly adjusting. Beaven arrives tomorrow with the cat. This should be interesting. Our neighbor has a pit bull.


Anonymous said...

why is Beaven bringing a cat?


Anonymous said...

Jane, you failed to mention where you are now.