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Monday, September 01, 2008

More from Meridian

Mom’s going to have limited access during the evacuation, so I’m going to be her voice for the next few days. Just a quick note to all her friends of and in Pearlington. The good news is she’s been in touch with Dallas and she and her family and all her dogs are safe in Kiln, Mississippi. The bad news is Pearlington is under water. My dear sister, Emily, who can be just as passionate as our mother about people and places, is in an uproar that the news is not covering that part of the story. We’ve been watching CNN all day long and all they’re talking about is the levees in New Orleans. They sure make it seem like no one else is affected by this storm. Mom, on the other hand, can’t get any news at all. The TV in the church only gets local channels and they chose to broadcast their regular programming today. So while Gustav pounds the Gulf Coast, the only thing on TV in Meridan is soap operas.

First off, a small correction to yesterday’s post. There is only one family staying with the PDA staff at the church. It’s a large family – about 8 or 9 people. The head of the family, Kevin Henry, has already lived through Katrina. He and his mother lost everything, including their homes. In fact, that’s how he knew about PDA. They’ve helped him before. Since they had no place else to go, he asked if he and his family could stay in the church until the storm was over. They’re very Cajun. Mom says he sounds just like Justin Wilson. And they’re very friendly and very loving. Just as she expected, Mom has fallen in love with Kevin and his whole family. She knows if she ever asked, they would give her the shirts off their backs.

Everyone is dividing up the chores around there. Kevin’s a great cook, so he and Mom put themselves in charge of food. After a trip to WalMart to buy food and supplies, they returned to find everyone at the church standing outside in the parking lot. Not something you usually see in the middle of a hurricane evacuation. Someone had spoken with Kevin’s neighbor. High winds have destroyed his home. Again.

Mom says the weather there now is windy with some mist – not really rain. They are at risk for tornadoes, but the church has a basement in case some develop in the area. They’re all pretty bored – especially with nothing on TV. But there’s plenty to talk about. And lots of hugs to pass around.


Barbara Tripp said...

Elizabeth, thanks for keeping us informed about your mom. We've been praying for her, and I hope the worst is over.

Barbara Tripp

jason_g said...

Elizabeth, thanks for your updates. I can understand how Jane is busy. I am very sad that Pearlington is under water, but glad to hear that Dallas is away and in Kiln. Know that many people in SC are praying to be there with you to help how we can. J

Anonymous said...

Jane has given so much of herself (and her family has, as well) to the people and places hurt by those awful hurricanes. I know you are busy, Elizabeth, with your own life and work, but thank you for making it easy for us to follow Jane's journey as she does all she can to help there. It's priceless to be able to go to the blog and know, through your notes, that she is well. I am sorry about the losses to her friends, especially Kevin and family who have now done this twice. Just too much, it seems. Hopefully things will be better soon and the next set of repairs, et al, will not take as long.
Our best to all of you,
Virginia Mehaffie and family