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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fix You

Friends of First Presbyterian Garland:

We've got a new contemporary worship service we're offering at 8:30 Sunday mornings. Some call it an alternative worship. Whatever you call it, it has electrified our congregation. Vicki Bailey wouldn't recognize us. And this is good. The Frozen Chosen are thawing out in Garland! Aside from a more jazzy and upbeat style of music and singing, we're offering a variety of multi-media worship aids.

I would like you to check out the video Bob Williams, one of the newer members (sent directly from God, I'm convinced) has put together. They showed this at worship yesterday. Even my daughters, who are not known to discuss theology around the lunch table, were impressed. If it doesn't touch you then there's something seriously wrong and you might want to check in with a shrink. You can find it on You Tube at www.YouTube.com. Once you get there search for "Ike Fix You" and it should bring up the video.

Start planning a trip to the Texas Gulf Coast because I know the PDA is starting to plan for you to come.

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Anonymous said...

Vicki Bailey might not recognize FPC but she still misses you!!!
Hugs from the heart -