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Thursday, August 28, 2008

latest news from Jane

I got a visit from Wilf, the logistics manager who came to pick up the second truck and take it to headquarters. He wants me to pack up. He'll be back to strap down the new shower trailer and get the other truck. When he comes I'll follow him in my own car to Orange Grove. This is where the staff will gather and possibly go north to the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Meridian, Mississippi. This is our pre-determinted evacuation site. There is a plan for us and all we have to do is follow the plan.

For now I need to pack up the office files and anything electronic, including the car chargers for them all. I'll put the frozen stuff in a cooler if we have room. We'll turn off the electricity when we leave.

I found my self at the grocery store getting peanut butter and bread. But the big decision was what flavor of ice cream is best for a hurricane evacuation? Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, of course.

So, I gotta go. As I was packing up my trailer I was making decisions on what to pack based on the idea that I may never again see the things I leave behind. Sounds like a good reason to buy new clothes. But you can bet I'm taking my Guatemala pictures and book.

I will have my PDA phone with me and keep it charged. the number is 601-447-5045Someday I will write more about this exercise. Later.

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