Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I can’t say much today. Beaven is here and I haven’t had time to think of a good way to describe Easter here.

Worship in the new sanctuary was predictably wonderful. Rev Rawls told everyone to be there at 6:30 am but things didn’t start happening until 7. They had four pastors to deliver rousing sermons that got more excited with each one. It’s always exciting to break in a new worship space because no one ever can predict how it will “fit” until they’re actually in the space. The room has two great things going for it. The acoustics are good enough that when the P.A. system broke it didn’t matter. The church doesn’t have a front door yet and you could easily hear us out in the street. There is gobs of space in the chancel for the preachers to hop around. Which they did with glee. Rev Rawls, especially, jumped up and down the two steps, stomping and thrusting to punctuate his message. The pianist in worship like this is a crucial element in worship because the sermon ends up very musical, with a rhythmic sing-song format. We had breakfast afterwards in the church fellowship hall where they serve lunch for the volunteers.

Then we had brunch at the PDA headquarters in Gulfport. And to cap the day off, we had probably the best meal ever served at a PDA camp--ever. God sent us two professional chefs from the NY team and they performed a minor miracle of culinary delight using only the stuff we had right there in the kitchen. The only thing different they brought in from the outside world was a spiral cut ham they got at Walmart. John and I were amazed at what they were able to do with the usual offerings.

I’ve got to get going. Our internet connection in camp has gotten very unpredictable so I have to post while it’s working. Maybe I’ll have time to write more later. We have a full camp and ten houses to work on this week. And with Beaven here, my free time will be a lot more fun.

I’ll be home next Tuesday and my Wednesday posting will be better, I promise.

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