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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

So, here I am Memorial Day weekend with the whole family here. We had a wonderful time filled with food and laughter. We had too much food, for sure. You can never get too much laughter.

May is birthday month. Essie was born on the 3rd. Sarah on the 31th. So we just celebrate all month long. Sarah got a Slip and Slide for her birthday and the fun began. Nobody was sliding correctly so Granny had to show them. I grew up with the Slip and Slide. I think my generation even invented them. I know my Slip and Slide. I pawed the ground; turned to Emily and told her to be sure to get it on camera for study purposes.

I took a running start, flew through the air and landed with a deep thud and not an inch of slide. Not a centimeter, not a molecule of forward movement. It was as though I had been deposited straight to earth directly from the sky. I was as astonished as I was embarrassed. In fact, I laid there for over a minute or two before Emily could stop laughing long enough to take this picture. I ended up looking like a beached whale. Everything on me hurts today. It's probably a miracle I didn't break something.

So, you're gonna have to cut me some slack today.

Besides our Mega-Birthday May we're planning a trip to Disney World next week. We leave the morning after school is out. It's a top secret project and we're planning it right under their noses. It's code name is "the big trip to Wal-Mart." The very name of that store is used so many times in a day around here that we feel safe that the kids tune us out the minute they hear the word 'Wal-Mart.'

We've orchestrated it right down to the minute we wake the girls up to tell them we've decided to hold our annual Grandmother Camp in Orlando, Florida this year. We've got airline and van reservations,reservations for lunch with an assortment of princesses, we've booked the hotels and packed and re-packed. I won't go into detail here but our planning makes D-Day look like an impromtu stroll on the beach in comparison.

What I've got to do now is avoid breaking any bones by slip sliding away.....To quote Paul Simon:
"you know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip sliding away."

I only hope the second grade teacher doesn't start a unit on blogs during the last few days of school and Sarah volunteers to look this one up.

That's got to be our story for today. I need to go update my packing list I've got on an excel spreadsheet. Give me a week off and I'll be back with more stories.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ... I laughed until I cried while reading about your slip and slide adventure!!! You have a gift for telling stories. I'm glad to have stumbled across your blog.

I'll be praying for you at SYW. I have a son who will be with you. I hope he gets to meet you!