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I'm pretty much a typist for the Holy Spirit. I try to put those things into words in a blog called Jane's Journey. I have another blog for recipes called My Life in Food. Also Really Cool Stuff features Labyrinths and other things like how to fry an egg on the sidewalk.(first step: don't do it on the sidewalk, use a skillet) Come along with me as I careen through life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Buy My Book

Here's my new book, "Journey to the Kingdom of God."

Go to the PayPal section below. If you want to pick it up at church choose "one-day pickup" and we'll bring it to you there. If you can't do that, we'll mail it to you.

If you have any problems let me know in an email: jane@2els.net

If you want your copy autographed, follow the instructions on the order form and tell me how you want it inscribed. This just means "what name?". It doesn't mean I'm going to say things like "Thanks for the wonderful week in Reno."

Order the book and keep scrolling down for today's post.


splendid said...

hi jane!
i followed you over from coffee and i can't resist asking:
"if we pay extra can we get the reno quote?"

good luck on the book and i can't wait to read you some more.

Anonymous said...

okay, it says NOv 2010, are you now predicting the future? I mean I guess you could. df

ShaneSynod said...

Congrats, Jane.
Great cover.
-=Shane W.