Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day

I am vaguely familiar with the term "Boxing Day."  I know it's mostly a British and Canadian tradition.  It has something to do with boxing stuff after Christmas.  And that's what I am spending the next few days doing.  Tuesday was boxing stuff at the North Texas Food Bank and Wednesday will be at the FPC Dallas Stewpot/Homeless Shelter.  I can't give you all the details right now mostly because I'm pretty tired and also because I cut my finger and the bandaid makes it hard to type.

Also, I got an urgent message from Fannie Flamingo this evening about a serious case of Flamingo abuse and if you know Fannie you know she will not let me rest until the matter is settled.  So there's that to deal with. 

Full details next Wednesday and hopefully the bandaid will be gone and Fannie will be staisfied.

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Julie Adkins said...

Hermana Jane --
I just learned about a year ago that the term "Boxing Day" comes from Britain, where it was the practice to empty the "poor boxes" in the churches on the day after Christmas and distribute the funds to the poor. Cool, eh?
Hermana Julie