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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Treading Water Here

It's been a slow/busy week.  I have been staying with the Tonsil Twins but I'm afraid the only thing I've accomplished beyond dispensing pain meds every four hours is to eat up all their ice cream. About three gallons worth. There have been a couple of times in my life when I've had unlimited access to ice cream and it is never a pretty sight.  You don't need to know any more than that.

I had some great videos of inside the van in Guatemala, a fantastic clip of Guillermo playing the accordion with Bobby accompanying him and then an astounding video of leaf ants marching across the woods with their leaves held high.  But I can't get the video to download.  And somehow I took all the pictures in the bus upside down and the computer can't rotate videos. I'm pretty sure that, interesting as it might be, you don't want to spend time watching movies upside down.

So, for now, we will be limited to a few pathetic still snapshots I took.  There are still more lessons to extract from my week and I will eventually get the words lined up.  Every time I spend a week with these hermanos y hermanas I learn more about the Kingdom of God.

Here is a wonderful picture of Loida Giron:

The sign at the Childrens Nutrition Project welcoming us:

The kids put on a program of music, etc.  But we're not doing videos today, remember.

After fun and facepainting we all had lunch together. For these kids this is probably the only time during the week that they get meat to eat.

One of the things I always learn anew is how vulnerable Guatemala is to the weather.  The rainy season always brings rock and mudslides.  Last year it was wrecks that tied us up on the road but this year it was rock slides.  We had two major waits for detours around stuff, about average for a trip.  One wait was an hour and the other was two hours. 

On Sunday we made what I call "the march of the Presbyterian Churches." I think we visited 4 or 5 churches that day.  Ending up at the church where Rumaldo Lopez preached and we shared communion.

End of slide show.  Next week I will tell you about our Matthew 25 experience.  Yes--we fed the hungry and thirsty, visited the sick and even took touched base with a prison.  Also, I want to tell you about the elections in Guatemala if I can get the pictures to work.

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