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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The wind makes no sound unless there is resistance.

This came to me this morning clearly and deeply-  as an assignment.  From God.  to think about.

I had already been thinking about it.  For a long time.  From two sides.

Sometimes I hear a windstorm and I know thousands, millions, (billions?- certainly countless, yet I keep thinking there ought to be a way to count them.  If something physical exists there has to be a way to count it.  OK, countable only to  God at this point in human technology.)

In a windstorm I know billions of pine needles are rubbing together to make the sound that I am hearing.  Or is it the sound of the wind rubbing against the needles?  If wind blows against a standing house it makes a sound so what makes that sound? The resistance the house makes against the wind.

The greater the house, the greater resistance, the more pine needles, the greater the sound.

My question today is does it make a sound when two pine needles rub together?  I clearly hear the wind through the forest.  But I have strained to hear wind when it's just two pine needles.   Can't hear a thing.

It's become my challenge.  A challenge to get quiet enough.  Still enough.  To hear God.  When God whispers. And I know it is because I am resisting too much.  I have to stop resisting to get still enough to hear. God will not speak while I am resisting.

The wind makes no sound unless there is resistance.

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